Coaches Corner

The Corner has not yet been fully updated for 2019. Much of the information below is still valid but there could be some changes to come.


2018 Tournament Rules

Rules have been updated for the 2018 season.

In addition, here is a document that describes the Little League pitch count rule along with a log for keeping track of pitching during a game.

file_pdfPitching Guide

file_pdfPitching Log

Safety & Injury Prevention

All players must submit a Medical Release Form. Please keep them with your coaching gear so you have them whenever you are practicing or playing a game in case of an emergency.

Other useful safety information is in the handouts link below including important information for you and your players’ parents about identifying and dealing with concussions. You should also visit the CDC’s Heads Up campaign to increase awareness, diagnosing, and prevetion of head injuries. All players and parents need to read, sign, and return the Concussion Acknowledgement form, which you or your team parent should collect and turn into the league. There is a free on-line course offered by the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) where you can learn quite a bit more about the impact of concussions, how to identify them, and how to manage them.

Arm injuries are becoming more prevalent due to a combination of poor throwing mechanics and overuse. Adhering to the Little League mandated pitch counts and days of rest is a good start. Learning how to coach better technique will also help our players stay healthy. We have had two talks in recent years from members of the UW Health Sports Medicine staff. These are available below, along with some video demos of useful practice drills to promote proper warm-up and reinforce better throwing mechanics.

Practice & Drill Ideas

Check out the handouts link below for a
Coaches Clinic Handoutfrom Coach Brad D’Orazio that complements his clinics. There are league-specific coaching tips, drills, and practice plans included as well.

Practice sheets (in the handouts link below) and videos are courtesy Coach D’Orazio. Videos may take a minute to load depending on your connection speed.

file_mov Proper baseball throwing grip

file_mov Intro to throwing

file_mov Intro to the swing

file_mov Soft toss

Some other sites with useful youth baseball instruction and drills:

Software aids

  • LineUp Manager: An Excel workbook with macros that can help coaches plan lineups, field positions, and stats. Keeps track of season-long position, batting, and hitting stats. Free trial lets you track a few games.
  • GameChanger: iOS in-game scorekeeping app. Game review and stats are kept over a season for your team through their website.

Notes from the Shed

Karl asks:

Are you the home team playing the last game of the day on your field? If so, your team is responsible for “putting the field to bed”. Find out how by – clicking here.