Mid-Season Event


Due To Weather All Mid-Season Events Have Been Canceled


Mid-Season Event Saturday May, 20 2017


2017 Mid-Season Event  Schedule

9:00am – Rookies Regular Season Games

11:30am – Minors Exhibition Games

1:30pm – Minors Exhibition Games

3:30pm – Majors Exhibition Games

5:45pm – Minors & Majors Skills Competitions (Lund & Frank & Homan)

6:45pm – Minors & Majors Home Run Derby (Heartland)


Exhibition Game Schedule

11:30AM Mets Twins Lund Minors
11:30AM Cubs Astros  F & H Minors
1:30PM Orioles Reds Lund Minors
1:30PM Rockies Brewers F & H Minors
1:30PM Pirates Marlins  Heartland Minors
3:30PM Twins White Sox Lund Majors
3:30PM Brewers Reds F & H Majors
3:30PM Astros Cubs Heartland Majors


Skills Competitions (Minors on Lund, Majors on Frank & Homan)

*** Please be at the complex no later than 5:30

Around-The-Horn Relay – Teams of 5 players (1 group per team)

                Timed Event — Pitcher starts with the ball on the rubber – throws to catcher (must have foot on the plate), then to 3rd (foot on base), then to 2nd (foot on base), then to first (foot on base), then back to pitcher (must be on the mound).  If the ball is dropped or overthrown, the fielder must possess the ball while touching the base before throwing to the next position.  Each team will get 2 chances with the best time recorded.  In the event of a tie, the tying teams will have one opportunity each and the fastest time will win.  


Base Running Relay – Teams of 4 players (1 group per team)

                Timed Event – All runners will start at home plate.  Upon GO, runner must touch 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Home plate before the next runner may leave (starting from behind the plate).  Players must touch every base – if a base is missed, a 3 second penalty will be added to the resulting time.  Each team will get 1 chance to run.  In the event of a tie, a run-off will be held between the 2 teams with one team starting on 1st base and the other team starting on 3rd base.  This will be a head-to-head race where all bases must be touched or a player will need to go back and touch before advancing to the next base. 


Home Run Derby – Individual Event (up to 2 players per team)

                All balls will be coach-pitch.  Batters will have the option not to swing at any ball.  Every swing will result in either a Home run or an Out.  A home run is any ball batted over the fence between the foul poles.  An out is any other swing or batted ball that does not result in a Home Run.  Each batter will get 5 outs.  The batter with the most Home Runs wins.  In the event of a tie, there will be a Swing Off consisting of 5 swings.  If the score remains tied, the swing off will be repeated until a winner can be determined. 

Majors will hit from approx. 170 feet from Center Field Fence (in front of pitcher’s mound).  Minors will hit from approx. 145 feet from Center Field fence (just behind pitcher’s mound).