Skills Assessments

What are skills assessments?

Let’s start with what assessments are not.  Assessments are not tryouts.

The word ”tryout” implies that players will be cut.  If you refrain from calling it a tryout it helps to understand that coaches are simply gauging player’s relative abilities, not permanently separating them from their friends based on talent.  With this understanding and the knowledge that there is a place in our league for every player (all players registered by the February 29th deadline are guaranteed placement on a team*) We hope that removing the word “tryout” also removes some anxiety on the part of our players.

This year assessments are taking place on Sunday, March 8th at Badger Ridge Middle School.  All players registered for Rookies, Minors, and Majors will be assessed as well as any players that are new to our league. Intermediate and Juniors that have played in our league previously will not be assessed.

During assessments, coaches evaluate players’ current baseball skills at a series of stations. This process gives each division a chance to create more balanced teams during their draft. Teams are chosen using knowledge of all players with the help of observations made at assessments.

Please encourage your player to come to  assessments and put forth the same effort that he/she would in a game during the season, so that teams can be as balanced as possible, and everyone can have more fun.

Assessment Time Group
8:30 Rookies A-D
8:45 Rookies E-H
9:00 Rookies I-M
9:15 Rookies N-Z
9:30 Minors A-D
9:45 Minors E-H
10:00 Minors I-M
10:15 Minors N-Z
10:30 Majors A-K
10:45 Majors L-Z
11:00 All players in Intermediate / Juniors new to our league

*Kindergartners are not guaranteed a spot in our league for safety reasons.  We encourage any child of kindergarten age to register and come to assessments. If after evaluating the player the VLL board of directors feels it is in the best interest of the child and our league to not offer a roster spot, a refund will be issued.