Tournament Teams

2020 Verona Little League Tournament Teams

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Verona Baseball Tournament Teams (VBTT) are an extension of Verona Little League and governed by the Verona Little League Board. All VBTT players must play in VLL. The VLL Board will assist in choosing the Tournament Team coaches based on a number of criteria.

We strongly believe in player development.  In addition to offering more competitive game opportunities, development of the player through additional training opportunities is essential both for individual players and the teams the play on.  Our coaches are involved in a variety of training opportunities, players participate in winter shed and other indoor winter/early spring training, and in-season practices.

Cost will vary based on number of tournaments played and uniform expenses but generally ranges from $100- $500 per player depending upon age-level, commitment-level, and agreed upon number of tournaments entered.

Try-Out Schedule

Try-outs will occur on Sunday, August 4 and one of the following dates as determined by and scheduled for each age level: August 11, 18 or 25.

Sunday, August 4, 2019 (All try-outs will last approximately 1 hour from start time).

8U: 4:00pm
9U: 4:30pm
10U: 5:00pm
11U: 5:30pm
12U: 6:00pm
13U: 6:30pm
14U: 7:00pm

Sunday, August 11


Sunday, August 18


Sunday, August 25


Players are “required” to attend both try-out dates.  Family vacations, etc. may make it impossible for kids to attend both dates.  Players MUST try-out with their age level group.  Players cannot try-out with younger age levels due to family schedules (i.e. 11u player evaluates with 9u players).  We have found that this data is significantly skewed.

Players should not wear a jersey/shirt with name to either tryout.

If a player is not able to attend either of the try-out dates, the player/family must indicate on the registration form and/or petition the VLL Board in writing. Petitions may be submitted to Mike Murphy via email:  The VLL Board will determine an alternative assessment format that may include VLL League data, prior tournament team experience, and other alternative assessment as needed.


Players are to tryout with their grade level cohort.

Players may choose to “play up” (one year above their grade level cohort).  Players who wish to play up will indicate so on their registration form.  Players wishing to play up will try-out with their grade level cohort during the “initial assessment” on August 4.  If they rank in the top 25% of their grade level cohort, they may participate in the next age/grade cohort level above “team” assessments.

Team Expectations, Commitment Level, and Make-up:

Sportsmanship, commitment, and communication are expected from players and parents of VBTT. With an increased level of competition, an increased level of commitment is also expected. Each team will have designated team practices and tournaments throughout the season; the number of each is subject to the coaches of each team. Attendance of practices and games is vital and may play a factor in playing time and positions played. Communication to coaches is imperative if practices or games are to be missed. Please let your coach know of any planned vacations or other conflicts that will prevent attendance of practices and games. Ability to commit may play a role in VBTT selection. It is not the intention for a VBTT practice to conflict with a regular season Verona Little League (VLL) game, and VLL will work with VBTT coaches to minimize potential conflicts. It is understood that players may have vacations, illness, injuries, family obligations, or other emergencies that will prevent attendance. Up front communication about pre-planned absences to the coach is imperative. We understand the value of playing multiple sports and respect the time commitments that players have made to other sports that are not during the baseball season. VBTT coaches will work with their players to try and minimize offseason conflicts.

It is for this reason we have implemented Orange and Black teams moving forward.

  •  “Orange” team players must be able to commit to 80%+ of all tournaments and practices (This should be your primary travel baseball team). 
  • “Black” team players should commit to 50% of all tournaments and practices
  • 8U: Teams are divided equally based upon skill level.
  • 9U-14U: Teams will first be determined based-upon a player’s choice of commitment level.  Teams will then be divided by skill level.  The “Orange” team will consist of the highest ranking players that are willing to meet the commitment level required (80%+).

Parent Volunteer Requirement:  

There are required volunteer hours for all non-coaching parents of players on tournament teams.  These volunteer hours are required during tournaments hosted at the VLL Complex in which your player is participating.  The standard requirement is 2 hours per tournament hosted.  VLL provides a monetary credit to teams that host tournaments to off-set cost.

Try-out Format

8u-11u will tryout on 46-60 Fields.

12u and 13u will tryout on 50-70 Fields.

14u will tryout on 60-90 field.

Sunday, August 4:

Initial Assessment–This will be done in an “assembly line” format as in past years.  Players will rotate from station to station to be assessed in a specific skill/positional areas.  Coaches from all age levels will be present.  Coaches will remain at a single station for the duration of the tryout to assess all age levels.

This try-out will consist of the following stations:

  • Pitching/Catching**
  • Hitting**
  • Infield**
  • Outfield**
  • Running (Home to 2nd)

**Players will have a short warm-up at each station prior to evaluation beginning at that station.  Based upon the warm-up, players may be re-ordered to ensure accuracy of scoring.  Perceived “high skill” players will go first.

Sunday, August 11, 18, or 25 (Age level coaches will determine date):

Team Assessment–This try-out will be held in an age level team “practice” format.  Age level coaches will run the practice following a consistent format.  Four coaches from other age levels will be present to act as independent evaluators (i.e. 13U Tryouts: 1 coach from 9u, 1 coach from 10u, 1 coach from 11u, 1 coach from 12u).

Each age level team has a 2 hour practice consisting of the following:

  • OF Flyballs/Groundballs in CF and throws to 3rd
  • IF Ground balls at SS throws to 1st
    • Timed Ground balls to 1st.
  • Pitching and Catching
    • Velocity (measured by Radar Gun)
    • Location/Command
    • Mechanics
  • Hitting Rotation
    • 2 Cages–Underhand Front Toss
      • Radar Gun measures Exit Velocity
    • Hitting Live against Machine
      • Swing Mechanics (athletic and smooth)
      • Contact
      • Power
  • Live Scrimmage (60 Minutes)
    • 6 Out innings
    • Pitchers throw 20 pitch max (or 3 outs)
      • Game knowledge
      • Live Reps
      • Hustle
      • Attitude
      • This is the only place where age level coaches can inform assessors.

Criteria for Team Selection (Considered in the following order):

  1. Desired Player Commitment Level (Orange or Black)
  2. Overall Composite Try Out Rankings
  3. Prior Tournament Team Experience
  4. VLL League Coach Rankings
  5. Positional Needs/Balance
  6. Tournament Team Head Coach Discretion