Team Parents

Duties of a VLL Team Parent

  • Gets the team roster from the coach and creates an e-mail/phone contact list for all players’ families; this should include players’ and parents’ names, and the document should be distributed to everyone on the team; it’s also helpful to create a brief “cheer list” of players’ names and uniform numbers for parents to have at games
  • Assists coach in collecting a medical form for each player at the start of the season; follows up to get 100 percent of forms returned (coaches are required to have medical forms on hand at all practices and games in case of emergency)
  • Relays communication from VLL to all team families; this may include information about Opening Day ceremonies, concession volunteering, fundraisers, apparel orders, team photos, events at the VLL complex, severe weather, scheduling changes, etc.
  • Relays information about Little League Night at Miller Park (a fundraiser for VLL) to all team families; coordinates group ticket purchase if families would like to sit together and attend as a group, with coaches/players walking in the entrance procession
  • Is available to answer parent questions during the season; serves as a point-of-contact for general information from the VLL Board
  • Coordinates an end-of-season celebration for the team, depending on families’ interest (this is optional and can be as simple as going out for a meal/treat after the last game)