Volunteer Positions


Verona Little League Board of Directors and
Non-Board Coordinator Positions

President: Presides over league meetings, coach meetings, Opening Day activities and assumes responsibility for the league. Main point of contact with Wisconsin District 4 and Little League International, handling administrative functions between organizations. Involved with day to day operations and issues that develop. Assists other Board and Non-Board members with their duties, providing guidance as needed. With Board approval and counsel, selects coaches for the regular season. Talks to players, parents and coaches and responds to concerns. This is an Executive Board position.

VP of Development and Fund Raising: Manages activities related to fund raising and field development. Responsible for a group of coordinators that are charged with specific fund raising tasks and the allocation of funds towards the improvement of the VLL Complex as a whole. This is an Executive Board position. In the absence of the President, this position assumes that responsibility.

  1. Team Sponsor Coordinator: Contacts existing sponsor with renewal information and seeks out new team sponsors for the league.
  2. Corporate Donor Coordinator: Contacts existing Donors to renew signage, field, dugout and other asset sponsorships. Also seeks new donations to cover field development.
  3. Annual Raffle Sales Coordinator: Manages the sale and allotment of raffle tickets and handles the administrative tasks involved between the VLL and the State of Wisconsin.
  4. Mid-Summer Classic Tournament Coordinator: Manages all aspects of the July tournament hosted by Verona Little League including the scheduling of volunteers and umpires. Orders supplies and prepares complex for the tournament (in conjunction with other volunteers). Coordinates with visiting teams and the City of Verona, including the collection of tournament fees.

Secretary/Information Officer: Maintains information on VLL players, Board members and Volunteers. Responsible for the administration of the league website and all content. This includes updating information of meetings, clinics, special events, and weather related notifications. The league Newsletter and email notifications are also managed by this position. Records the minutes for all league meetings. This is an Executive Board position.

  1. Internet/Website Coordinator: Assists the Secretary/Info Officer with the management of the website, email notifications, and social media.

VP of Operations: Helps coordinate general maintenance, appearance and upkeep of the VLL Complex. Works with the Head Groundskeeper in this role and assists with the supervision of paid, part-time staff. Manages Pre-Season Clean-Up Day, Opening Day preparations, VLL Hosted Tournament preparations, End of Season Clean-Up and Complex Closing and Winterization. Will also coordinate the Team Clean-Up Day for each VLL team. This is an Executive Board position.

Treasurer: Collects, deposits and dispenses league funds as approved by the Board. This includes Payroll Administration.  Maintains financial records and creates the league budget. Reports on the financial status of the league and is responsible for league finances. Files all tax related forms related to the league with the State of Wisconsin and the Federal government. Also handles the Little League Brewers Game event including ticket ordering and sales. This is an Executive Board position.

Head of Auxiliary: Responsible for the management of volunteers and the many events that take place associated with and to the benefit of Verona Little League. Works with each coordinator to ensure the success of these events.

  1. Team Photos Coordinator: Responsible for communicating with photographer (currently Empire) and scheduling each team’s photos during the given year’s dates (5/14-16/2012).
  2. Mallard’s Game Coordinator: Responsible for communicating with our Mallard’s contact regarding scheduling (this year is 6/24) and ticket sales as well as helping to promote this event.
  3. Assessment Coordinator: Responsible for recruiting and scheduling volunteers and the physical set-up outside the gym as well as gathering supplies necessary for this event.
  4. Concessions Volunteer Coordinator: Responsible for scheduling the concession stand volunteers for the regular season as well as tournaments and extended season.
  5. Team Parent Coordinator: Responsible for communicating with Team Parents, providing assistance and information for distribution by the Team Parents.
  6. VLL Apparel Coordinator: Responsible for working with our suppliers to offer additional league related apparel to all parents and players.

Equipment Manager: Responsible for the distribution of equipment at the various league drafts and the collection of equipment at the end of the season. Also reviews existing league equipment and orders whatever is necessary for the upcoming season. This includes umpire equipment/apparel, uniforms, catching gear, batting helmets, baseballs, gear bags, scorebooks, ice packs, etc.

  1. Assistant Equipment Coordinator: Provides the manager assistance, especially during distribution and return of equipment.

Head of Scheduling: Develop and maintain schedules for all teams in the league. This includes all games at the VLL Complex and practices which involves contact with the Verona and Fitchburg Recreation Depts. Incorporate High School JV and Freshman games/practices on VLL fields and Edgewood College Softball games/practices on Heartland Field at the Complex. End of Season Tournament and Extended Season schedules are also managed by this position. Another responsibility is the collection and posting of scores and standings updates to the VLL website. Rainouts and other make-up games are also managed.

  1. Assistant Scheduling Coordinators: Aid with the various responsibilities of the Head Scheduling Coordinator, typically per division.

Umpire-In-Chief: Responsible for developing a clear and comprehensive understanding of the rules for Little League. Drafts changes to the rules each season, making the Board and Coaches aware of these changes. Handles umpire recruitment and the application process. Maintains contact information for all umpires. Develops training materials and holds at least 6 clinics before the season begins for experienced and inexperienced umpires. Communicates with umpires regarding areas of improvement, providing feedback as needed. Reviews umpire performance through coach evaluations and by viewing games firsthand. Manages all scheduling by recruiting and assisting the Umpire Scheduling Coordinators. Works with other Board members regarding equipment, payroll and conduct issues.

  1. Umpire Scheduling Coordinators (6 are generally needed): Schedule umpires for each individual league game as needed. Maintain the schedule and request umpires for pending games every 1-2 weeks. Review umpire qualifications and balance opportunities as evenly as possible. Adjust schedule to accommodate rainouts and conflicts, finding substitutes as needed.

Head of Concessions: Responsible for tracking inventory, vendor contact, ordering food and supplies, handling deliveries to the Complex, and hiring/scheduling paid staff to operate the concession stand. Determines menu and makes changes to offerings and prices based on their judgment. Organizes the stand and supply room at the beginning of the season and manages the closing of the stand at the end of the season.

  1. Clean-Up Coordinator: Assists with Pre and Post Season Clean-Up as well as cleaning during the regular season at select times.
  2. Supply Coordinator: Assists with shopping, ordering and receiving supplies during the regular season.

League Player Agent: Responsible for the management of registration and payment. Coordinates assessments and volunteers inside the gym for scoring. Manages individual league drafts, scoring data provided to coaches and records team selections. Provides player information to coaches after drafts are completed and manages roster updates during the season. Manages the League Player Agents and their duties and responsibilities.

  1. League Player Agents (6 are generally needed): Responsible for working with the coaches, players and parents to ensure that proper conduct is maintained. Is the first point of contact within each league for any issues or disputes. Tracks the performance of coaches including number of practices and adherence to VLL guidelines for individual leagues.

Safety Officer: Coordinates all safety programs and develops the league safety plan, distributing information to all head coaches. Works with Little League International to have the plan approved. Reviews League and Complex compliance through contact with other league officers and periodic inspection of facilities. Responsible for all accident report administration and insurance claims that involve the VLL insurance policy.

Director of Training: Develops various training guidelines and tools for individual leagues within VLL. Holds clinics and camps for players and coaches focusing on skills development and safety training. Reviews training programs in the area and assesses suitability for Verona Little League. Serves as the primary resource for player development and the best approach to maximize this development through VLL.

  1. Camp/Clinic Coordinator: Gathers information on all relevant camps and clinics and schedules player and coach participation. Involved with scheduling these activities if they are to be held at the Complex. Works with other Board members to notify the league of these various opportunities.

Head Groundskeeper: Responsible for maintaining and improving the condition of the VLL Fields. Works with VP of Operations to schedule paid and volunteer staff for field maintenance, game preparation and various projects. Uses knowledge and judgment to initiate improvements to the fields. Orders supplies as needed for general maintenance and upkeep.

VP of Softball: Serves as the primary point of contact for all VLL Softball activities and issues. Works with West Madison Little League on teams and scheduling as well as coach selection. Responsible for player recruitment and expansion of the league.

Past President: Provides counsel to current Board and Non-Board members on a wide range of matters.

Extended Season Coordinator: Responsible for organizing all aspects of the Extended Season including scheduling and team/coach selection. The Extended Season league is usually composed of a Minors (Rookie and Minor league players with machine pitch) and Majors division (AAA and Major league players). If there is enough interest in a Juniors division, that is an option. Games are played in July and early August.

We are trying to encourage greater involvement with the Verona Little League Board. As the season progresses, there will be more Coordinator positions that are created as we seek to focus the tasks more specifically, reducing the workload on the current Board and Non-Board members. To ease the transition from year to year, we ask people to get involved on some level, especially if there might be interest in greater future involvement.

If you have interest in any of these positions or ideas of your own, please don’t hesitate to contact vllpresident@gmail.com.